Ruptured Eardrum Through Otoscope

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A ruptured … the middle ear through this opening and can cause an infection. Fortunately, this rarely leads to permanent hearing damage. Many people don’t know that cleaning their ears with cotton swabs is a major cause of eardrum injuries.

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normal ear exam of the tympanic membraneThe outer ear collects sound waves, which move through the ear canal to the tympanic membrane, commonly called the eardrum.

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If liquid or debris is allowed to penetrate the middle ear through the punctured … Eardrum rupture can usually be diagnosed by a visual examination of the middle ear. Doctors typically use an instrument known as an otoscope to perform this …

Deeper examination of the ear is done through the tympanic membrane or its remnant in the case of a ruptured tympanum … meaning it cannot be penetrated by large-diameter otoscopes or otoscope cones and could result in bending and …

(Cotton balls are not advised because they actually help moisture get into the ear through a wicking effect … A doctor can diagnose a perforated eardrum by direct inspection with an otoscope. Hearing tests may reveal a hearing loss.